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Why People Can’t Join Your Listchecker Games

There are just a handful of common reasons why people can’t join your Listchecker games.  LC does a good job in telling you with its log that opens up along with the program.  Obviously when it says “Game hosted with success”, you have no problems, but there will be times where it says “CD key in use” or “Failed to create game”.  That error almost always has to do with someone else already using the game name.  So changing that will definitely make it work.

However, LC won’t tell you that your Warcraft III port is blocked.  Google a port scanner tool and have it scan your Warcraft port (default 6112).  Also make sure that the LC config file has the same port that you forwarded.  The game port that you set in-game have no bearing on the LC port.  The only requirement is that it must be different than the LC port, but that port number is not important for hosting games.

The last issue is quite obscure.  I ran into an issue where one of my friends couldn’t join my game, but everybody else could.  Warcraft simply gave him a gray screen.  I immediately thought that it was a problem on their end and not mine.  However, upon closer inspection, it appears that if I set my LC hosting port to default, everybody can join.  The reason I didn’t use the default port is because someone else was using the 6112 port and I couldn’t forward the same port on multiple computers.  I don’t really know why that is, but it works beautifully.

Invalid Filename

Yesterday when I was trying to install something, Windows kept complaining that my setup file had an “invalid filename”.  Apparently it was because the path to the file had an illegal character (squared symbol) in it.  Don’t know how it ended up there, but I got rid of it and it worked.

Accessing the P1i Hidden Services Menu

The service menus on the P1i allow the user to see information about their phone, diagnostic tests for different features, and formatting the internal disk.

To be specific, here are all the options that are included:

  • Services information
    • Model information – what model your phone is (mine just says P1i)
    • Software information – PDA, phone, and Bluetooth software version, and CDA version
    • Hardware information – IMEI number
    • SIM locks – I’m guessing this tells you whether your phone is locked or unlocked (reasonable assumption)
    • Configuration – Speech codec rate, and GSM bands
  • Services tests
    • Display – shows abunch of weird lines and colors to see if colors look right I guess
    • Camera – shows an image of the front and rear camera
    • Touchscreen – gives a blank drawing canvas to test the stylus
    • Illumination – screen brightness
    • LED’s – lights up the light near the phone charger port red and green
    • Keyboard – lets you type different keys and reads your input
    • Vibrator – vibrates the phone letting you know that function still works
    • Speakers – makes sounds with the front and rear speakers
    • Microphone – records sounds
    • FM radio – didn’t try this one, since I didn’t have my handsfree with me
    • Memory Stick – tells you if its attached
  • Format internal disk – it is what it says

Accessing the Services Menu

  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. Select Phone
  3. Select Phone again.  Once you do this, it will show a blank space for typing a number
  4. Turn the jog dial up once, then type a *
  5. Turn the jog dial down twice, then type a *
  6. Turn the jog dial down once, then type another *
  7. The services menu will now open

Installing P1i Themes

  1. Connect phone to computer in File Transfer mode.
  2. Copy/move the theme file to the memory card
  3. Navigate to the file using the File Manager and execute it.
  4. Install the theme and then apply it when it asks you to
  5. Alternatively you can go to the Control Panel > Themes to activate.

Stitches Popped Out Again

So there I was, eating my lunch, when I had accidentally pushed a piece of food to the left side of my mouth, the site of the gum graft that I’ve had recently.  The fried fish instantly popped the stitches right off.  From past experience, this has always led to bleeding, except this time, it happened very late in the healing process.  I have my fingers crossed hoping that it’s not gonna bleed again.  My periodontist says its only a problem if it bleeds.  So lets hope it doesn’t.

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