Why People Can’t Join Your Listchecker Games

There are just a handful of common reasons why people can’t join your Listchecker games.  LC does a good job in telling you with its log that opens up along with the program.  Obviously when it says “Game hosted with success”, you have no problems, but there will be times where it says “CD key in use” or “Failed to create game”.  That error almost always has to do with someone else already using the game name.  So changing that will definitely make it work.

However, LC won’t tell you that your Warcraft III port is blocked.  Google a port scanner tool and have it scan your Warcraft port (default 6112).  Also make sure that the LC config file has the same port that you forwarded.  The game port that you set in-game have no bearing on the LC port.  The only requirement is that it must be different than the LC port, but that port number is not important for hosting games.

The last issue is quite obscure.  I ran into an issue where one of my friends couldn’t join my game, but everybody else could.  Warcraft simply gave him a gray screen.  I immediately thought that it was a problem on their end and not mine.  However, upon closer inspection, it appears that if I set my LC hosting port to default, everybody can join.  The reason I didn’t use the default port is because someone else was using the 6112 port and I couldn’t forward the same port on multiple computers.  I don’t really know why that is, but it works beautifully.

Caught A Cold

Been feeling something coming down on me for the past couple days.  Yesterday it finally manifested itself.  I’ve apparently caught a cold.  Took some tylenol, and been sneezing all day.  Being sleepy didn’t help either.  I had the worst nap on the West Coast Express too.  I felt pretty sick throughout the day, so I left early.  I then went to SFU to visit Gary.  SFU does indeed look very depressing.  I know I shouldn’t be doing that since I was sick, but getting up and walking around made me feel a little bit better.  Played DotA there until my computer ran out of batteries.  I would have plugged in my laptop if I had found a plug.  It was a goddamn computer lab, and there was not a single plug in sight.  The ones that the computers were using were kept confined behind and under the desk.  I could not get to it.  We left at about 4:45 and got to Coquitlam Station at around 5:15 to get a ride back home.

Meepo Is the Coolest Hero Ever

Played a 2 v 5 insane AI game with Gary earlier using Meepo.  I ended up getting my end game build at like level 16.  While doing so, I was completely destroying the other team using my combo.  We won the game in only 26 minutes and I was 18-0.  Gary didn’t really do much with Nerubian Assassin.  He was 2-0.  I think I assisted all his kills too. 

Meepo’s combo goes somewhat like this:
e, click, tab, f, click, tab, f, click, tab, e, click, tab, f, click etc etc…

When you’re up close to the enemy, if they’re not being netted or poofed, you’re hitting them with an ultra slow.  Unless they have targetted nukes or AOE spells, Meepo is a crazy good hero…

Priestess of the Moon

After reading the PotM guide the other day.  I decided to try it out.  Would have tried it yesterday, but due to unforeseen bleeding from the gum graft I couldnt.  I played a pretty good Potm.  I got my Starfall and my Elune Arrow to hit.  I even shot one at a 45 degree angle and had the enemy run into it.  I even used the invis spell to get a gank on two of their heroes.  I can see why this hero is such a popular pick in competitive games.

If I Don’t Carry…


Gum Graft Gone Wrong…Again

I realized that I never mentioned that I had a gum graft done.  Well I did.  November 4, I think.  I also got my Class 5  on the 3rd.  Never mentioned that either.

Anyway, I thought I was ok after almost two weeks of no bleeding.  But I think it was because I ate this fiber granola bar the other night that completely ripped the stitches out of the roof of my mouth.  I didn’t experience bleeding until later yesterday night.  Bled for a good 45 minutes.  I did get to use the gauze I had kept in my school bag since last year.

Good thing it wasn’t as bad as last year.  When I bled last year, the blood was literally flowing like water.  This time the blood the opening wasn’t as big.  The cohesion in the blood kept it stuck to the roof of my mouth, so it didn’t drip.

Today, my mom booked an appointment with Dr. Narani early in the morning and I showed up at around 8:45.  I got the roof of my mouth restitched and that was that.

Funny thing is that I was playing DotA when it happened.  I got first blooded, or maybe even ruptured.  Extremely nerdy, but I found it funny.  Raymond even said I 爆血管.

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