Counter-Strike Nostalgia

Every now and then, I feel nostalgic about this game…

image Boosting
Unrealistic, but it was definitely a useful tool for getting teammates to places that otherwise couldn’t be reached to surprise people
image Bhopping/Crouch Running
That satisfying kill from crouch hopping around the map and then hopping around a corner and slashing someone in the face.
image Lagging in a smoke grenade
Even turning the graphics to 16 bit didn’t help.  But at least you could see through the smoke!
image Picking mid
I was always terrible at it.  Could never pick off the guy running out of CT spawn.
image Shooting hostages
We all did this.
image Surfing
Flying in the air while the noobs died without understanding why.
image Stacking players
Just for teh lulz
image awp_map
There was always that one guy who decided to buy a a regular rifle and rush down the map.
image fy_iceworld
Most awesome run and gun map created for Counter-Strike
image Stacked player defense
It seriously works – well maybe not with 5 people…
image Defusing
Likes to blow up right before the defuse is finished.  Then at times, we hear the satisfying click of a defused bomb.
image Cat with a scout?
I guess this was a LOLcat before they were called LOLcats
image Silent plant
Was always scared of defusing these…
image FPS
Everyone played at 100 fps, rate 25000, cl_cmdrate 101, cl_rate 25000, and ex_interp 0.01.  Otherwise, the settings weren’t optimal.
image Knifing
image Suicide bombing
With four other people, we once tried cooking a nade in our hand and running up to one player.  As people died, they’d drop their nades hoping that we’d blow up the other guy.  Didn’t work.
image Teamkilling with grenades
Was always super unexpected, but hilarious.
image Accidental teamkilling
I once got shot by my teammate when I ran through mid while he was picking it…noob mistake.
image That awkward moment
Happens to the best of us.
image Trolling with non-standard weapons
I once 1v5 clutch aced using a para…all in the name of trolling.
image Stacked running
Was always a nice surprise to those unsuspecting enemies.
image Eco rounds
Leads to camping and clutch wins.
image Camping
We’ve all done it. Campmeter = 100%.
image Driving
I’m sure everyone tried to drive a car to run over other people and then somehow die when another car intersected with their own.  Somehow, the player would then fly up to the ceiling and fall to his death.
image One-click headshots
Probably the second most satisfying kill.  Strafe out of a corner, click, win.
image Screenshot rounds
An annoying but necessary chore for league play.  Had to be done before lo3.
image Hopping through the window
Anybody in league play had to know how to do this.  Unfortunately for me, I sucked at it.
image Defusing the bomb through the floor on de_nuke
Classic Pubmasters game play.  It works.
image Flashbangs
I team flashed for fun.  Or other times, I’d be blind as a bat and get gang knifed.
image Riot shields
Use them when you can’t win.  A nice and annoying weapon.  There was once a bug on amx mod where if you were carrying a gun, you could spawn a riot shield for that player and the player would be able to use a gun and a riot shield at the same time.  Very OP.
image Spam spots
I had those memorized at one point.

Childhood Nostalgia–Pokémon on Gameboy

Being a 90’s kid, Pokémon was immensely popular at the time.  I was around 9 years old, playing the Gameboy games on an emulator, and trying to catch every Pokémon.  One of the most memorable scenes was in Lavender Town, being in the tower and not being able to fight any of the ghosts because I didn’t yet have the Silph Scope to reveal them.

The eerie music played continuously in the background.  I don’t remember what the music was, but reading more about it, it is the source of an urban legend surrounding the “Lavender Town Syndrome”.  Apparently, there was a brief peak in suicides among 7-12 year old kids shortly after the release of Pokémon Red and Green in Japan.  I don’t remember being that frightened by the ghosts when I was little.

I also remember talking to the old man in Viridian City who taught the player how to catch Pokémon and then using him as an exploit to get to MIssingNo off the coast of Cinnabar Island.

Missingno A sorts of weird stuff happened like seeing level 100+ Pokémon and the massive replication of items in the sixth inventory slot (that’s a lot of Masterballs and Rare Candies).

And then there was Gary, who was probably the biggest jerk ever encountered.  At every step of the game, he’d ALWAYS be one step ahead of the player.  In the beginning, he purposely picks the Pokémon that is your pick’s weakness.  And later in the game, after the player gets all the Gym Badges, it turns out Gary got them all before the player.  And he still remains ahead even after fighting the Elite 4.


At least, at the end, there is a great feeling of satisfaction after beating him.  If I remember correctly, according to Professor Oak, he didn’t give his Pokémon “trust and love”.  Gary was a bit of an ass, so I guess he deserved it.

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