First Time Playing Badminton Again in Like 5 Years

Day 188

It turns out that at my work place, there exists a small gymnasium and in there, the company holds badminton games every week.  After discovering this, my friends and I went to try it out.  I hadn’t played badminton for about five years and it took me a little bit to get back into the groove again.  We started off with some light rallying and as we kept playing it just escalated to smashing the birdie back and forth (I never knew I could even smash the birdie).  Even though we played on a small court with a low ceiling, we learned to adjust the power of the shots such that we wouldn’t hit the ceiling or hit it way out of bounds.  It took a bit of work to adjust the smashing power though.  It led us to not use that much power for any of our hits, so the birdie never moved very fast.  Driving the birdie was next to impossible too.  If the opponent missed the birdie, it would just go out because of the small court.  After getting used to the court, we began to play real games, but we  butchered the serving really bad.  We totally forgot how it was supposed to work for scoring, who’s turn it was to serve and when players switched positions.  We kind of just made up our own rules scoring rules.  But, the real rules did come back to us and we played that way for the duration.  It was really great getting to play this game again.  Definitely a fun two hours.  I think I’m going to go every week now.

Goal in Life

Day 68

During lunch, I spoke with a colleague about how I my work term was going so far.  I told him that I didn’t really have a huge interest in Microsystems, but I didn’t hate it either.  I feel more or less indifferent towards the subject.  Because of this, he asked me what I wanted to do.  What field do I want to work in?  What kind of work do I want to do?  Do I want to stay in research or go into design?  I didn’t really know how to answer those questions.  This colleague is older than me by probably seven or eight years so I was quite sure that he had been through the same ordeal at some point.

A lot of advice people typically give are similar in the way that they just say to follow one’s own interests.  Apart from saying that, he also asked me what my goal in life was.  He clarified his question by giving examples such as being super rich, or doing something that people will remember me for when I die.  I already knew my answer to this question.

My goal in life isn’t anything grand.  I don’t need to be able to afford a Porsche or a Ferrari.  I’m not looking to change the world.  My goal is just to lead a happy life.  Well everyone wants that.  But different thinks make different people happy.  For me, it’s the idea of leading a chill life, not how many Porsches and mansions I can buy.  As I said before, money can’t buy happiness, but the lack of money can’t either.  I believe it’s about having enough money to not have to worry about it.  Yeah, rich people don’t worry about money, but that’s not what I’m referring to.  Take my family for example.  My parents own a house, two cars, and are able to send both my brother and me to university.  When we go out to eat, we don’t have to worry about the money.  I’m not talking about only these things specifically.  It’s about not having to worry about every penny being spent.  People don’t have to be super rich to do that.  In a way, it’s like always having enough money to go out with friends for a few beers.  I suppose with a goal like this, I chose the right major.  The next question is what field in engineering I will work in.

After I told him the way I wanted to live life, he told me his view on it.  He started by saying how he didn’t like staying in one place a lot and likes a change in scenery every now and then.  He was born in Germany, but he’s worked in the Netherlands and in Switzerland.  By going to all of these places, he’d get a lot of life experiences and moving around is what he enjoyed.  He’s following his interests and that is certainly good.  He then added when he’s old and sitting on his rocking chair, he will be surrounded by his grandkids that would ask him about his life.  He wanted to be able to tell the kids stories of his youth and listen intently and enjoy his stories until the kids get tired and fall asleep, but he would know he lived a fulfilling life if the kids come back again and again to hear him talk about all the adventures in his life.

I never heard anyone put it like that before.  Everything he said seemed so profound and I probably did a really bad job replicating that here, but the stuff he said really got me thinking.  From something like my future career path, he managed to dwarf that entire issue and expand it to the idea of how to live life.  Telling interesting stories to my future grandkids sounds pretty cool to me.

125 Years of Bosch

125 Years of Bosch

Day 63

This year, the company celebrates the 125th anniversary of the company’s founding as well as the 150th birthday of Robert Bosch. Because of this special occasion, the company created a photo book, known as Global Impressions of Bosch and in it, are 125 photographs of Bosch employees from all over the world taken at the same instant.  This book was given to every single employee, or associates as the company calls us, as an appreciation for all of our hard work.  I flipped through it, and I have to say, there are some really nice pictures.  I also found the pictures online in the form of YouTube videos (link at bottom).  I really like the idea of getting all the pictures at the same instant.  They managed done to pack as much as they could about Bosch at the exact same time.  It’s like they say, each picture is worth a thousand words.  With 125 pictures, that’s like 125000 words.

YouTube Videos:

Bosch News:

Going to Work in the Snow

Day 8

After a crazy snowstorm, walking to work was quite challenge as I mentioned here.  Along the way to work, I still managed to take some pictures despite the coldness.

IMG_0106 Pure White, it’s not really a good picture, but it shows the amount of snow

Obviously, there are other places where there’s a lot more snow, but since I’m from Vancouver, I’m not very used to this.  Even when Vancouver does snow, it’ doesn’t feel as cold as it does in Germany.

For some reason, even though whenever it snows, it looks like there’s tons and tons of snow due to how tightly packed the falling snow looks like, but the snow doesn’t seem to stack up on the ground that much.

First Day at Bosch

Day 5

As with the first day of most things, it almost always involves an introduction of some sort.  After I walked the huge hike to work, I arrived at about 8:00, thirty minutes ahead early than the scheduled time.  I guess I gave myself too much extra time.

Once the meeting got started, all the interns each got their paperwork sorted out.  Since most people there came from other parts of the European Union, their paperwork seemed to be much simpler.  After they sorted out the paperwork, they issued me my employee badge.

Afterward, I met other members of my department and one of the PhD students introduced me to their MEMS research project.  Seeing that I knew next to nothing about this field of research, I will most likely need to do lots of background reading.

For lunch, employees don’t bring their own lunch.  Many visit the cafeteria, or canteen as they call it, to buy food.  Since I am an intern, I get discounts on lunch.  For a 2.80 euro meal with pasta, salad and soup, it only cost me 1.10 euro.  What an amazing deal.  That is even cheaper than me buying all the ingredients and cooking it myself.  Looks like I will have to stuff my face during lunch so I don’t have to bother cooking that much! Yes I am quite lazy when it comes to cooking.

I spent the rest of the day reading some Wikipedia articles on manufacturing processes in MEMS and attending to some introductory business, like obtaining my time card, and going through computer safety rules.  Reading those Wiki articles already seemed kind of overwhelming since technical articles on Wiki are almost always written for an expert to read.  But luckily, on my way out, I found the logbook from the previous intern, which should be extremely helpful.

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