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FAILED TO LOAD RESOURCE Error When Installing Sony Ericsson PC Suite

Apparently, you can use WinRAR to extract the contents out of the exe file and it’ll give you a couple of setup files (32 and 64 bit setup files) and some dll’s. Once I did that, the error disappeared. I don’t really know how that would have affected anything in the first place, but then again, errors are generally bad…

For some reason when I tried installing this program using the 64 bit setup file, the installation would always fail. I guess I’ll stick with the 32 bit version.

I wonder if this technique can be applied to other exe files…

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  1. jo 2011-07-04

    Nice one it did extract thou its an exe file

  2. anandnz 2012-05-20

    Hi There,
    Thank you for this website. My P1i rear camera does not work, it is hanging infinetly at initialization. I tried service menu device test and Rear camera doesn’t show up at all.

    I want to try firmware reinstall but I need the software, With Sony P1i support taken off, I am not sure where to get the latest firmware or extract the firmware from my phone.

    The version in my phone is
    PDA software version: CXC162108 R6G04

    Phone software version: CXC 162037 R9K009

    Bluetooth software version: CXC162143 R1D

    CDA Version; CDA162024/73 R9A

    Please can some one let me know how to get the latest firmware for these so that I can try reflashing them.

    Another question:

    Please can you let me know where to get the camera parts for P1i.

  3. Judy 2012-10-26

    That worked!! You are flippin’ genius!! I’ve gone from frustrated to ecstatic. Thanks!!

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