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Going to the Pub with My Roommates

Yesterday, the roommates and I went to the pub with many of their friends as a farewell for one of their roommates who would be leaving for South Africa.  He only stayed for one term, and since I moved in for the second term, I took over his old room.

We first went to the Koerner Pub, but found that there was too many people, so we went to Mahoney’s instead.  We sat down at a table with about 20 people just literally just talked while we drank.  I had about two pints and started feeling a little bit dizzy.  The rest of the people there had at least 5 pints.

I rarely participate in social events like this.  I’m not sure why I agreed to go.  Either way, the I thought experience was pretty good.  I got to know my roommates better and finally acquired a taste for beer.

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