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Diagnosing the Source of Internet Connectivity Problems

I created a nice little flowchart for people to diagnose their Internet connectivity problems.  It’s pretty general and covers the most common problems.  I tried to avoid lots of specific information since many Internet connectivity problems are not as straightforward as just following a flowchart.

I didn’t really go into specifics as to what kind of modem lights to look for because all modems are different.  But they almost always will have an “Online” light.  If that is off, then there is clearly a problem.

Router lights are usually just a power light, the WAN and LAN lights.  If the WAN light is off, it means the router has no access to the Internet.

Each network adapter on the computer can be disabled and enabled by accessing “Network Connections” in Windows.  That can be accessed by typing the name without the quotes in the address bar in any open Explorer window.

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