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Aboard the Celebrity Apex

Embarking on a Caribbean adventure aboard the cruise ship, Celebrity Apex, we found ourselves on familiar grounds. Having previously sailed on the Celebrity Edge, the Edge class ship’s layout was no stranger to us. While the ship’s layout was the same, there were significant differences in the quality of the food and entertainment.

Unlike our previous experience on the Celebrity Edge, where the buffet surpassed the fine dining options, this time, it was the reverse. On the Edge, we avoided the main dining rooms on cruise ships since the buffet usually offered better variety and quality. However, on this particular sailing, the specialty main dining offered restaurants were excellent while the buffet options were lackluster. It definitely just comes down to a skill issue with the chefs.

In terms of entertainment, the Apex outperformed its sister ship. The production shows featured incredible acrobatics and trapeze artistry. They also brought aboard guest performers, and we were lucky enough to catch magic sensation Josephine Lee performing magic tricks. We saw her perform a trick very similar to the Real Transported Man trick from the movie “The Prestige.” Ralph Harris added humor to the mix with a delightful comedy show.

While the food and entertainment was good, this itinerary did have two sea days with no ports of call. Since we had already explored the Edge last time, we had trouble finding things to do on those days. Next time, we’ll be prepared. What also was unideal was we happened to go at a time when people were getting sick left and right from stuff like the flu or new COVID variants, and everywhere we went, people were sniffling or coughing their lungs out. Despite our best efforts to avoid those people, we all got sick when we returned.

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