UBC Engineering Competition 2010 Pictures

Kind of a late upload, but I finally got these pictures from my teammate, since he took all of them.  This is also kind of an add-on to my previous post about the competition (link).


The Arena
Each team’s vehicle drives off the big ramp to pick up only the gray objects and not the black foam blocks.  A large white hula hoop surrounds the field.


First Prototype
Run into an object, do a 180 turn, bring it back


Second Prototype
Same methodology still, but now has added sensors at the front to know whether it has reached the boundary of the arena or not.

thirdprotoThird Prototype
Seeing how the 180 rotation didn’t really work, we decided on the cage idea.  Run into an object, close the gate, and reverse back to base.  Winning strategy right there.

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