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Sightseeing around Gerlingen, Ludwigsburg, and Stuttgart Part II

Day 2 – 3

In addition to the Königsbau, and the Neue Schloss that I visited and wrote about in Part I, I also visited the a church known as the Stiftskirche.  The history of this church extends to well over 1000 years, starting from its roots in the 10th and 11th century.  However, much of the church’s original features were lost due to the church’s near destruction from Allied bombing raids near the end of World War II.

The church’s clock tower and entrance

Looking up the clock tower

The rear of the church

Since the restoration of the church in the 50’s, it’s interior features historical as well as modern elements.

Interior of the church

Statues of the Counts of Württemberg

Before entering the main atrium of the church, there was a display that told the story of the history of this church.  Unfortunately, it was all in German, so I could not understand.

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