Factory Outlet in Metzingen and My Unexpected Discovery in Stuttgart

Day 66

After learning from a colleague that a factory outlet existed in Metzingen, I organized a trip there with a few of my friends from Bosch. I was told that this place would have lots of brand name items at really reduced prices. I guess that is similar to the factory outlets in the United States. But even at the reduced prices, the items are still quite pricey. I suppose that this is good for people who really want their brand name clothes. Unfortunately, I only bought a t-shirt since I couldn’t find anything else I liked here. But a friend of mine did manage to buy a pair of shoes for 35 euro when its original price was 180 euro.

Not satisfied with my shopping experience in Metzingen, I decided to continue shopping in Stuttgart. The people that I were with were pretty much done shopping for the day, so I went on my own. Going places alone just gives me so much freedom. It feels quite nice. Being tired already from walking so much in Metzingen, I finished shopping in Stuttgart an hour and a half later. On my way home, I found something that I had been searching for for the past little while.

I found a place that serves Chinese Dim Sum and Hot Pot. This is like a taste of home. Looks like I’m going to have to go here soon, even if it is quite expensive for a restaurant (14 euro). Judging from the restaurant’s banner, it doesn’t look like westernized Chinese food either! Fantastic surprise for me.

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