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Den Haag: Meeting the Girl with the Pearl Earring

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I had visited The Hague three years earlier, but had spent most of our time at the Madurodam as opposed to the city. Our visit this time centred around the Mauritshuis, a gallery artistic masterpieces.

The museum houses an exceptional collection of Dutch Golden Age paintings, each a canvas into the skill and vision of celebrated artists.

“The Girl with a Pearl Earring,” Vermeer’s timeless masterpiece is a timeless portrait. The painting’s unique composition and the girl’s direct, slightly off-center gaze add an air of intimacy. The subtle interplay of light and shadow further enhances the sense of depth and realism, showcasing Vermeer’s exceptional skill. Even someone like myself, who’s not big into art, could see this too.

Behind the Mauritshuis, we walked along a tranquil pond with a path following the water’s edge. Benches nestled under ancient trees offered perfect spots to pause and absorb the tranquil ambiance.

We ended the visit to The Hague at the Van Kleef Distillery. They have been established in 1842, and offer a range of crafted liqueurs and spirits. The interior looks almost like a potions shop from Harry Potter. We ended up picking up a bottle of Haagsch Hopje for the collection before we left.

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