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Kasteel de Haar and the town of Gouda

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Nestled in the picturesque Dutch countryside, Kasteel de Haar stands as a majestic testament to medieval grandeur. With its towering turrets, elegant gardens, and enchanting drawbridge, seeing breathtaking castle felt like entering a fairytale.

Surrounding the castle, the meticulously landscaped gardens create an oasis of tranquility, inviting guests to wander among blooming flowers and serene water features. The palace gardens definitely left a mark on us, and we definitely drew inspiration from this place for our own backyard even if we could only replicate a fraction of its beauty.

We next visited the town of Gouda and as we explored the town, I excitedly anticipated the savoury delights of its renowned cheese, but little did we know, its renowned cheese market was only open on Thursdays. The absence of the iconic Gouda cheese left me feeling underwhelmed. In the end, we walked around the town hall and the city square before leaving.

Here’s more of Kasteel de Haar and Gouda

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