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Gum Graft Gone Wrong…Again

I realized that I never mentioned that I had a gum graft done.  Well I did.  November 4, I think.  I also got my Class 5 on the 3rd.  Never mentioned that either.

Anyway, I thought I was ok after almost two weeks of no bleeding.  But I think it was because I ate this fiber granola bar the other night that completely ripped the stitches out of the roof of my mouth.  I didn’t experience bleeding until later yesterday night.  Bled for a good 45 minutes.  I did get to use the gauze I had kept in my school bag since last year.

Good thing it wasn’t as bad as last year.  When I bled last year, the blood was literally flowing like water.  This time the blood the opening wasn’t as big.  The cohesion in the blood kept it stuck to the roof of my mouth, so it didn’t drip.

Today, my mom booked an appointment with Dr. Narani early in the morning and I showed up at around 8:45.  I got the roof of my mouth restitched and that was that.

Funny thing is that I was playing DotA when it happened.  I got first blooded, or maybe even ruptured.  Extremely nerdy, but I found it funny.  Raymond even said I 爆血管.

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