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P1i Problems

Lately I’ve had this recurring problem with my P1i that involves the screen going black while the phone is still on.  I haven’t encountered this problem for a while.  I thought I had fixed it with a firmware update.  Pressing the power button again does nothing.  The only way to get rid of the black screen is to take out the battery and put it back in and then restart the phone.  While there is a way to get the phone back to normal, I do not know when it happens or under what circumstances it happens.

In addition to that problem, I’ve also encountered a multitude of other issues with this phone.  Many of which I thought I’d fixed with the firmware update.  Anyhow this is the list of issues:

  • screen going black
  • unable to make incoming or outgoing calls
  • text messages received, but i do not receive any notification for (they just appear as a new message but there’s no popup saying “New Message Received”
  • probably more that I don’t remember right now

I recall that since the firmware update, I’ve installed a few programs and changed some settings.  I have a feeling that this has to do with the settings that I changed.  I’ve had the software installed on my phone for quite a while and it has given me no problems.  The most recent app I’ve installed would be the Gmail app, but there’s no telling whether or not its the culprit.  I also changed the backlight settings, and added a few Internet accounts.   When I was in California, I changed the mobile networks from Fido to AT&T.  I changed it back a week ago when I got back and there was no problems.  I doubt the volume controls have anything to do with this.

I might end up doing a firmware reset.

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