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School Starting – 2009W Term 2

Now that school is starting again, I’ll be going back to my heavy course load that I used to have.  Each year gets worse than the next.  This term I’ve got 21 credits, which is the equivalent to 7 classes.  Most people only take 4 or 5.  Some even take 3.  In second year, I found it quite busy with just 20 credits a term, without any other extra-curricular commitments.  This term however, I’ve got that heavy course load, a 10hr/week work study job and Robocup.  Good thing is that I’ll be living in UBC Housing.

The first week of class if always pretty chill.  There’s no labs, no tutorials and no homework.  I only had class from 8am to 9am today and I was done.  Once school picks up, I’ll have a three hour lab on Mondays weekly.  I hope I can find time for all my commitments and succeed in all of them.  I also have a social life to attend to, so I’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Jason 2010-01-04

    my mom always say, the harder you work right now, the easier you work when u get out of college

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