Axis and Allies 1940 Battle Calculator/Simulator

Here’s a program I made for calculating the odds for battles in Axis and Allies 1940 (download link at the bottom).  Making this program was largely motivated by the lack of a battle calculator for this version.  This program is also released under the GPL.


  • Land and naval battles
  • Coastal bombardments from Cruisers and Battleships
  • Option for ground units that must survive to capture the territory
  • Option for aircraft that must land on an Aircraft Carrier
  • User specifiable option for how many trials to do
  • Follows combat rules from Axis and Allies 1940 (Europe and Pacific) such as:
    • Regular land battle rules (dice rolling)
    • Order of taking casualties
    • Submarine first strike and can be negated by Destroyer
    • Planes cannot hit Submarines unless the planes are accompanied by a Destroyer
    • Artillery-supported Infantry and Mechanized Infantry
    • Fighter-supported Tactical Bombers
    • Wounds on Battleships and Aircraft Carriers
  • Statistics for:
    • Attacker/defender win/loss/tie percentages
    • IPC cost of both armies
    • IPC loss of both armies
    • Units remaining of both armies


Requires Java to be installed.  Link for that here.

SourceForge Page:


Source Code:


  1. Hi,

    I downloaded your files, yet can not figure out how to get them to work. I unzip them and just get a folder full of java files and another with a file in it.

    How do I use this absolutely fabulous tool?


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