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German Keyboards

This is the layout of a North America keyboard:

This is the layout of a German keyboard:

When I first saw this, I thought, “Oh cool, it supports the ä, ö, ü, ß and the euro characters!”, and then I realized, that because of it, many of the other keys are in different places.  The most annoying change of all, is the switching of the z and y characters.  During work, I kept typing my name wrong.  As a result, I changed it to the North American keyboard and all was well again.

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  1. amy yee 2011-12-12

    haha. i like this..
    found this website while I was randomly google-ing abt germany. i’m going over for new year!

    • hp 2011-12-12

      Ohh you will enjoy Germany a lot!!! Definitely worth visiting!

      By the way, you should check out the French keyboard. It is even more different. As I recall, instead of QWERTY, the French one goes something like this, “AZERTY”. Drove me crazy right away.

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