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Running LINE Messenger in Ubuntu 14.04

LINE is a messaging program kind of like WhatsApp, but it has a desktop client.  However, this desktop client only runs on Windows.  On Linux, it has to run under Wine, which allows running Windows programs (some) inside the Linux environment.  Caveat: sending stickers does not appear to work.

UPDATE 7. JULY 2015: Since this post, my version of LINE has been updated to, and it looks like stickers work now!

UPDATE 31. JULY 2016: Looks like in July 2015, LINE released a Chrome app.  Users of Chrome can just use that extension instead of using this method: Link

Running LINE in Ubuntu 14.04

  1. Install Wine
sudo apt-get install wine
  1. Install VC++ 2008 Redistributable
winetricks vcrun2008
  1. Download and install LINE for Windows

Without installing the VC++ 2008 Redistributable, LINE would intermittently crash (even though it was able to start correctly).  This worked on my Ubuntu 14.04 x64 system.

LINE Version:
Wine Version: 1.6.2

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  1. V. 2015-07-07

    Hey, this helped a lot. Thanks!

    • henrypoon 2015-07-07 — Post Author

      Glad to help!

      • Coleman Morrissey 2018-02-04

        How do I get through the Microsoft EULA page of Configuring ttf-mscorefonts-installer. Have to agree but no way to do so?

        • henrypoon 2018-02-04 — Post Author

          Hmm I don’t recall what I did or whether I saw it at all… Sorry

  2. Gondrong 2015-09-22

    Hey dude, it’s work but not work stikers in Line version how to fix??

    • henrypoon 2015-09-22 — Post Author

      Sorry dude I don’t have a fix. They just worked for me. I’ve got the same version too.

      • Gondrong 2015-09-23

        Ok no problems. you use the which the version?

        • henrypoon 2015-09-23 — Post Author

          I’m using the same version as you

  3. Danger Radcliffe 2015-12-02

    So on my last Ubuntu machine, LINE was able to run very well through Wine as though it were completely independent of Wine, but on my newer machine, LINE only seems to run, and run very poorly, in the Wine virtual desktop, which is something I’d never encountered until recently. Any idea how to rig it so LINE no longer uses the virtual desktop and instead runs like a standalone program?

    • Danger Radcliffe 2015-12-02

      So, I am an idiot. And for all other idiots out there, who struggle with the pain of VD, just go into Wine config and uncheck the box that emulates a virtual desktop.

      • henrypoon 2015-12-04 — Post Author

        Interesting, you didn’t go through PlayOnLinux. I like using PoL because it’s able to keep each program instance separate their own virtual drives.

  4. ilman 2016-01-18


    it cant complete my installation. stack at Execute: “C\Program Files\LINE\LineAppMgr.exe” -regfw.

    I use ubuntu 14.04 x86

    • henrypoon 2016-01-18 — Post Author

      Hmm.. Not sure how I can help since I haven’t encountered anything like that. Maybe try to wait it out?

  5. fachrulpbm 2016-07-30

    What about the Line in Chromium Apps? It’s easy to install and it doesn’t require Wine or Windows stuff.
    Just open your Chromium, go to Settings, get more Extensions, find Line messenger, and install it!

    I just try it on my Lubuntu 16.04 and it works 🙂

    • henrypoon 2016-07-31 — Post Author

      Ah looks like this method is obsoleted now. Looks like the Chrome extension got released a few months after I wrote this post! Thanks for the tip!

    • AIS 2017-03-21

      I did as you said and I installed the Line extension for chromium but it just shows me a blank page

      • henrypoon 2017-03-24 — Post Author

        The LINE extension works fine for me. Perhaps it’s because you’re using Chromium and not Chrome (they’re different).

  6. ram 2016-08-08

    thank you very much! this is so useful for my lubuntu running on hp mini 210!

    • henrypoon 2016-08-09 — Post Author

      Did you use the Wine method or just use the Chrome extension?

  7. Dan Jacobson 2016-08-27

    Chrome app just crashes on Debian.
    Winetricks is a separate package on debian and must be installed.
    Winetricks just loops.

  8. farrasfauzan5 2016-11-12

    after VC ++ 2008 Redistributable installed what should be done? I do not see the app line in it

  9. AIS 2017-03-21

    I followed the above steps and everything was fine but when I try to install Line , I get an error message message saying Unable to install this version of Line because a previous one is already running ” .. but in fact there is no other version of Line running !! what shall I do ?

    • henrypoon 2017-03-24 — Post Author

      Possibly to do with version differences between PlayOnLinux, LINE, and Wine. Perhaps try the latest stable versions of things?

    • Dan Jacobson (積丹尼) 2017-03-27

      On Debian sid you will need
      chromium –enable-remote-extensions
      and that probably won’t work either soon as all those apps are being phased out by chromium.

  10. Cooper B 2023-07-23

    Hello mate great bloog post

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