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Utah and Arizona National Parks

I finally got the chance to explore some of the nature in USA (that isn’t what I’m already used to in the Pacific Northwest).

I think the most famous place around here is Antelope Canyon. It is part of the Navajo Nation Reservation so all the tour guides there were Navajo people. I had never seen such rock formations before so this was cool to see. This rock formation looks like a lady with flowing hair.

And this one looks like an eagle.

Nearby was a giant coal plant that employs a lot of Navajo people. But what will they do when the coal jobs run out? Oh wait, Donald Trump is going to bring them back /s

Next did a super short hike (not sure if that distance even counts as a hike) in the blazing forty something degree Celcius heat to the Horsehoe Bend. The colour of the rocks and the water work so well together.

Kind of near the Horsehoe Bend was the Glen Canyon Dam. A great juxtaposition of natural and the artificial. On the gamer nerd side of things, it also reminded me of the level in Half-Life where Gordon Freeman has to fight through all the soldiers on the dam (video)…

We also went to Bryce Canyon. The pictures don’t really do justice in showing how big the whole canyon is.

On the drive, we saw a ton of cows…

We stopped in Vegas on the way to San Francisco and got the best meal of the whole trip at the Bachannal buffet at the Caesar’s Palace. This was much better than the random fast food we had been having for the few days out in the national parks. I didn’t take many pictures of the buffet, but my friend sure did when he visited a few months back, so check out his video if you want to see what delicious goodness is at this buffet…

That’s pretty much it for this trip.

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