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Exploring the Western Edge of Europe: Cabo da Roca

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After visiting Sintra, we drove further west, to the westernmost point of mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca. Cabo da Roca is a cape located on the western coast of Portugal, and is known for its rugged cliffs, and views of the Atlantic Ocean. As we reached the parking lot, there was a guy directing people in parking spots for tips. It was so strange because this place is in the middle of nowhere and somehow this guy is using this opportunity as a way to hustle for money. I thought we had escaped that kinda stuff from Lisbon.

There is a monument located at Cabo da Roca that commemorates the site as the westernmost point of mainland Europe. The monument is a stone cross with an inscription that reads: “Here, where the land ends and the sea begins.”

The views from Cabo da Roca are truly stunning. From the rugged cliffs of the cape, people can gaze out across the vast expanse of the ocean, taking in the sight of endless waves crashing against the shore, and the contrast of the blue sea against the rocky cliffs.

From here, we continued onto our next destination in our trip, Porto. It’d be another 3 hours of driving up north.

See more photos of Cabo da Roca here

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