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Polyphasing +1:15 hr

The previous day, I had only slept about my usual six and a half hours and I stayed up until 3:15 AM about.  I took a nap in my computer chair for about 30 minutes and woke up.  I knew that if I had slept in my bed, I would’ve slept like I normally would.  After waking up at 3:45 AM, I felt the same kind of feeling that I always did when I got up from a nap.  It was that familiar drowsiness that always remained minutes after waking up.  After that feeling passed, I decided to get started on some classwork that I should have finished a long time ago.  The assignment involved binary and hex number arithmetic.  There was lots of conversion between hex, decimal and binary.  There was also usage of the Two’s Complement.  At this point, I feel no different than usual in terms of my arithmetic ability.  The amount of mistakes I made is about the same as usual.  However, when it came to reading, I find that I have a harder time concentrating to the text.  I can’t quite tell if it’s just me not wanting to read, or that it was a result of the nap.

EDIT:  I also realize that my prose has also been somewhat affected.  The average length of sentences seems to have decreased.

EDIT2: My eyes also feel like they’re on fire.

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