P1i Firmware Reset Results + Unrelated Problems

A while ago I was talking about the problems I was having with the P1i (here), and so I did a firmware reset.  I did this a long time ago, but I don’t think I ever wrote about it.  After the firmware reset, EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY.  I’m not having any problems with incoming/outgoing calls anymore, and I get notifications for every text message I get.

One problem I’m still having though is that whenever I try to connect to my own wifi network, I have to connect to it a few times before it works.  If I connect to my neighbour’s, it works right away, so I’m thinking that it’s a router issue.

Another thing is that Coreplayer’s Youtube function likes to stop working for some reason.  Could it have been a setting I changed which messed up Coreplayer?  I don’t know.  It worked fine before and nobody online seems to have had any problems.

Because of that, I’m now using the phone’s in built media player for Youtube videos, but for some reason trying to watch a second video will freeze my phone.  No idea why.

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