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Adobe Acrobat Giving the “Bad Parameter” Error

I always wondered why Adobe Acrobat would always give me this “bad parameter” message, every time I scanned something.  Seeing that I never scanned a lot of stuff, I never bothered fixing it.  But now since I am scanning my friend’s notes for the classes that I missed, this issue has become way too annoying.

Apparently, the problem was that Adobe Acrobat didn’t have a default scanner set.  I would think the program would have known to use my default scanner device (really just my all-in-one printer), but it never set it.  To enable the scanner:

  1. Click the “Create” button and click “Configure Presets”
  2. Under the dropdown for the scanning device, choose your scanner
  3. Scan away!

This method worked for me seeing that my scanner was already configured except for this little bit here.  If the correct scanner doesn’t show up the list, then it probably wasn’t properly configured to begin with.  In that case, it will take a bit of extra work for scanning to completely work.

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