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Double Rainbow!!! What Does It Mean??!

Day 168

Back in May, one of our intern “Stammtisches” took place at a beer garden up in the mountains in Stuttgart called Karlshöhe.  At the top, I could see pretty much the entire Stuttgart city center. 

While we were up there though, it rained really hard very briefly.  Once the rain went away, a rainbow appeared.  But moments later, we saw a second rainbow!  Apparently, the second, lighter coloured rainbow, is a result of a double reflection from sunlight in raindrops.

The second one is kind of hard to see, but it’s between the left edge of the picture and the brighter rainbow.  When we saw this, someone inevitably shouted, “DOUBLE RAINBOW!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!”  For people who aren’t quite familiar with that, see this YouTube video.  Either way, it was pretty cool to be able to see that.  Too bad, I didn’t bring my usual camera day and had to take the photo with my phone camera.

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