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New York City: Part III

After the trip to Rockefeller Center, the tour bus took us to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.  It was nice being in the tour bus going from place to place – it was way too hot to be walking about and taking the metro everywhere.

The Intrepid Museum is basically an retired aircraft carrier from World War II that was converted into a museum.

On the deck of the aircraft carrier were all sorts of fighter planes, helicopters, etc.

People even get to inside the so-called “island”, where the bridge and flight control tower are located.

A lot of the instruments on board are quite antiquated since this ship was commissioned in 1943.

It’s really cramped inside too.

Beside the aircraft carrier and also part of the museum is the submarine, USS Growler. It was a submarine used as a nuclear deterrent.

When we were at the Intrepid, we weren’t able to visit the inside of the submarine since the bridge used to board the vessel had collapsed. By the time the workers set up the bridge again, we didn’t have enough time to go inside.

Below the aircraft carrier flight deck are exhibits about the history of the USS Intrepid. One of the best items on display there was the Lego version of the ship. It’s 22 feet long, 550 lbs, and uses 250000 lego bricks.

There were more aircraft displays on this deck and also showed the history of American aviation.

There was even a display of the number of planes shot down and ships sunk by the Intrepid and its aircraft during WWII.

At certain times of day, there are even demonstrations of the aircraft elevator.

That pretty much concluded my trip of the Intrepid Museum. Stay tuned for the next part: Freedom Tower, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty and more!

More photos here

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