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Running TurboTax 2014 in PlayOnLinux

This guide describes how to run TurboTax 2014 in PlayOnLinux.  The PlayOnLinux (in combination with WINE) software allows users to install Windows-based software.

CAVEAT: NETFILE did not work for me.  I had to submit my taxes through an installation done on Windows

  1. Install PlayOnLinux and then run it (e.g. starting it through the Terminal)
sudo apt-get install playonlinux
  1. Click “Tools” > “Manage wine versions”
  2. Choose 1.7.27 under “Available Wine versions” and then click the right arrow “>”
  3. Go through the steps in the installer and let it finish
  4. Back in the PlayOnLinux main screen, click “Install” in the menu, and then click “Install a non-listed program” on the bottom left
  5. Choose “Use another version of Wine”, when asked, and then choose 1.7.27
  6. Choose “Install a program in a new virtual drive”, when asked
  7. Choose “32 bits windows installation”, when asked
  8. Find the location of setup.exe for the TurboTax installer (I copied the files off of the disc to a place on my hard drive)
  9. Ignore the message “Error in FS_Check” if it appears
  10. Let the install complete, but do not launch TurboTax right away
  11. Choose “tt2014.exe”, if asked to create a shortcut
  12. Back in the PlayOnLinux main screen, select entry for TurboTax and click “Configure” in the menu
  13. Make sure the “Wine version” is set to 1.7.27
  14. Under “Install components”, install the following in this order (some of these may not be required, but I don’t know which since this is the configuration that worked for me):
    • vcrun2012
    • Microsoft Core Fonts
    • msvc100
    • RegisterFonts
    • vcrun2010
    • dotnet40
    • d3dx9
    • mono28
    • Internet Explorer 8 (click “Restart” in the installer)
    • crypt32
  15. Back in the PlayOnLinux main screen, clicking “Run” for TurboTax 2014 should now work!

This is what worked for me, so hopefully this will work for others.

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