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LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (Ultimate Collector Series)

Last Christmas, I picked up the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (Ultimate Collector Series). It’s a whopping 7541 pieces and is the largest LEGO set ever built. A friend of mine made an awesome unboxing and timelapse video of my build. Enjoy!

The instruction book is coil bound and is basically a giant intimidating tome…

The detail is pretty amazing – both inside and outside.

It’s also got minifigs from both the original trilogy and the sequel trilogy! They also include the radar dish from each of the trilogies that can be swapped in and out.

Inside the big box, there are 4 boxes with numbered bags. The instruction book goes in order starting with bag 1 and so on, but it’s not clear which box contains what numbered bags since it’s not sorted – you’re forced to look through all of them. There’s also some weird stuff where there are unnumbered bags and some bags have extra pieces that get used in a different part of the build, but the instructions don’t indicate this at all.

To protect it from dust, I bought some acrylic panels and glued them together to make a box for it. There’s also a stand that the Millennium Falcon is sitting on, which is this display stand.

I found the build pretty cool when I was building stuff like the different rooms inside the ship, and the outer hull sections. Since there is SO much detail everywhere, it can be a little bit tedious to build the little tiny bits of detail everywhere. But in the end, it looks absolutely amazing and is a definitely a conversation piece for guests 🙂

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