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I’m thinking that I should take that old A-link computer out of the closet and fix it up.  I remember Richard telling me in the summer that the computer probably didn’t work because of loose connections.  I should check that out.

Once I fix it, I can use it as a file sharing, remote desktop, and print server.  More importantly, I can delegate high memory tasks that don’t require my constant attention.  I can even play Warcraft on it.  One problem though is that I won’t be able to get Internet on that computer unless I move it downstairs or use a bridged connection.  If I move it downstairs, I can’t play Warcraft, and if I use a bridged connection, I can’t get Internet computer if I’m not home.  Maybe I can get a wireless stick.  I don’t know how good network transfers are going to be on that though.  I must do research.

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