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Day 17

As usual, I eat breakfast every morning, but this morning’s breakfast was extra awesome (see featured image)

The bacon looks a little raw, but I cooked it for too long so it became crunchy.

Then later, after trekking for about 20 minutes in the cold (-4 degrees Celsius), I bought this from the supermarket that actually sold some real Asian stuff:

Since coming here, I found no food (debatable whether this can be called food) from Asian brands that I’m familiar with.  But not anymore!  I know where to buy my cup noodles and Pocky substitute!  The Pocky is still from the same company in Japan, but for some reason it’s not called Pocky, although it looks the same.  I also like the fact that the labels are in German.  I know it’s supposed to be like that, but I’m not used to seeing the labels in English.

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