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First Time Playing Badminton Again in Like 5 Years

Day 188

It turns out that at my work place, there exists a small gymnasium and in there, the company holds badminton games every week.  After discovering this, my friends and I went to try it out.  I hadn’t played badminton for about five years and it took me a little bit to get back into the groove again.  We started off with some light rallying and as we kept playing it just escalated to smashing the birdie back and forth (I never knew I could even smash the birdie).  Even though we played on a small court with a low ceiling, we learned to adjust the power of the shots such that we wouldn’t hit the ceiling or hit it way out of bounds.  It took a bit of work to adjust the smashing power though.  It led us to not use that much power for any of our hits, so the birdie never moved very fast.  Driving the birdie was next to impossible too.  If the opponent missed the birdie, it would just go out because of the small court.  After getting used to the court, we began to play real games, but we  butchered the serving really bad.  We totally forgot how it was supposed to work for scoring, who’s turn it was to serve and when players switched positions.  We kind of just made up our own rules scoring rules.  But, the real rules did come back to us and we played that way for the duration.  It was really great getting to play this game again.  Definitely a fun two hours.  I think I’m going to go every week now.

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