Setting Up Trac with Visual SVN Server

Bug trackers are an important part of developing software as it allows teams to manage bugs, features, planning etc.  There are a lot to choose from out there, but out of curiosity I decided to set up my own.  I chose to use Trac for this purpose.  Since I already use Visual SVN Server, I was able to set up Trac with Visual SVN.  All instructions in this post use Windows.


I pretty much used the instructions here:  I didn’t do step 8 written in the instructions, and it still worked for me.  However, what’s not setup is the Trac administrator account.  After the setup, I was able to access the Trac webapp and was also able to view the SVN logs, revisions, etc.  I initially got a message about “no changesets”, but after a commit to the repo, everything showed up on the webapp.

Setting up the admin account

While the above instructions allow you to login to Trac using the existing SVN credentials, that user is not considered an admin user.  All I had to do was run this command:

trac-admin /path/to/projenv permission add bob TRAC_ADMIN

After restarting the server, the admin tab was available in Trac.  Now Trac is available for use for bug tracking with an existing SVN repo!

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