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Road Trip to Seattle and Portland

Since I have a friend living down in Seattle, our group of friends tends to visit him quite a bit down there.  Every time we go down there, we do something different.  This time, we all traveled together down to Portland for the BC Day long weekend.  But first, we celebrated two birthdays and spent the Friday night in Seattle drinking and playing Goat Simulator. The next day, we drove down to Portland and went on a Segway tour around town. We started off with a quick 5-minute tutorial and some hands-on training and off we went! Who knew riding a Segway would be so fun!

Along the way, we passed by some iconic Portland scenery, such one of the many bridges in the city.

As an engineer, naturally I found this LEED Platinum certified building to be quite interesting. Despite having an entire roof filled with solar panels, it only provides 3% of the building’s electrical energy.

Our tour guide said that many people in Portland take part in what’s known as a “Zoobomb”, where one takes a bike (usually a children’s bike) and rides as fast as he/she can down a hill. This pile of children’s bicycles represents this popular activity.

And of course, the popular phrase…

Of course, when in Portland, I had to try some local brews. As always, I like the wheat beers best, and not the IPA’s, amber ales, or anything else.

Link to more photos: here

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