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Comparison between Prepaid Phone Plans from Fido and Vodafone

I always thought phone plans were always more expensive than they should be.  But unfortunately, we must always pay them if we use a cell phone, and I can’t fathom not using one.

Since I arrived in Germany, I had been looking for a good phone plan.  I figure I should just stick with a prepaid phone plan since I can’t imagine myself getting a lot of phone calls.  I ended up using one of Vodafone’s prepaid phone plans.  The closest phone plan from Fido is their prepaid plan.  Below is a comparison (as of January 18, 2011).

  Fido Vodafone
Cost $10.75 €10
Outgoing Calls 10 c/min 5 c/min (same network)
15 c/min (other networks)
Outgoing SMS 15 c 19 c
Incoming Calls 10 c/min FREE (even if it’s an international call)
Credit Expiry Date 1 Month 15 Months? (Judging from the fact that I was told my credit would expire in April 2012)
Caller ID Included Included

It seems that everything is mostly the same in terms of making calls and sending text messages.  But the biggest perk in Vodafone’s plan is the fact that receiving international calls is free.  That’s the same as Fido’s “unlimited incoming calls feature”.  The expiring date is longer too.  But as with most better features, they almost always cost more.  Here €10 is just about $3 more expensive than Fido’s plan.

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