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Winter in Germany

Day 8

For the first couple days, that I’ve been here, the weather has been like Vancouver.  We got rainy days, sunny days, and cloudy days.  But yesterday, we got a bit of snow.  Snow days here are so different than Vancouver.  I am talking about the way it falls down and when it happens.

It rained overnight the day before, but it was still cloudy in the morning.  Later in the afternoon, it started snowing.  It wasn’t like the crappy snow we get in Vancouver, those bits of snow were big, and very densely packed.  But there were moments where it looked like it was easing up, but then the heavy snow would return.  It pretty much went like that for a whole hour and then stopped.  That doesn’t happen in Vancouver.

But that wasn’t the end of it.  I think I know now what German winter feels like.  It isn’t the same as the brief period of heavy and light snow.  I am not even referring to the amount of snow.  I am just talking about how it feels when walking outside.  Although it snowed yesterday, it didn’t feel cold walking back from work.  This morning, however, felt completely different.

Apparently, it snowed again overnight.  Although the ground didn’t fill up with snow, the fact that snow fell meant that it was still very cold outside.  Combined with walking outside in the early morning, that was a very bad thing.  My face went super numb, and I could feel myself slurring every syllable as I talked.  I put my hands deep into my coat pockets, although it helped little to beat back the cold.  The coat itself kept my upper body warm, and my legs were kept warm by my constant walking up the hill to work.  When I arrived at work and walked into the heated building, I felt a rush of heat flow toward my face.  Slowly my face longer felt numb and the discomfort of the cold left me.

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