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The Cramped Airplane

If you’re anything like me in terms of financial status, you probably fly Economy Class.  Immediately, you probably think, “Oh the seats are so cramped”, and “The food is terrible”.  Those two statements indeed are true, well at least half true.

The seats on an airplane definitely aren’t the best.  If your height is anything like 5’8”, your legs will probably be digging into the seat in front of you.  I am taller than 5’8”, so it definitely did not feel very comfortable to me.

During the flight to London, I had the unfortunate seating arrangement which put me right in between the window seat and the aisle seat.  If I sat in the aisle seat, then I could stretch out my legs every now and then.  I could potentially get up and walk around.  The problem was, the person sitting was always sleeping.  I felt incredibly rude to wake up the person just so I could get up.  The only thing I could do was to wait until that person got up to go to the washroom.  I waited for that golden opportunity, and the moment it happened, I immediately got up and walked around.

However, this freedom was not meant to last.  Eventually, I would have to sit back down.  I tried to forget about how cramped I felt by watching a few movies or trying to go to sleep.  It was a long 10 hours.  Although, I did manage to stretch my legs underneath the seat in front of me as much as I could.  That was better than nothing.

Luckily on the flight from London to Stuttgart, the plane I sat in had an enormous amount of leg room.  Too bad it was only a one hour flight.  I didn’t get enough time to enjoy that freedom.

The food on the other hand, was better than I expected.  I thought I would be eating a rock hard piece of bread.  To my surprise, the bread tasted quite alright.  I mean, it was on a plane, so I didn’t expect something fantastic, but it wasn’t terrible.

With airplane food, there is always something about it that doesn’t make it quite right.  It’s probably the fact that the food has been stored on the plane, and reheated for people to eat.  I’m no chef, but maybe that’s what makes the food seem to be a little strange.

The worst part about the flight was definitely the cramped seats.  Unfortunately, its quite the norm, except for that rare occasion.  The food was alright, nothing to really complain about except maybe that the portions were too small!

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