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Day 128

After being here for quite a while, I noticed my German skills improved quite a lot.  Although I don’t take a German class, I picked up quite a bit from listening to Pimsleur, asking questions, some online lessons, using a translator and just living in the country.  I still don’t understand anything when people talk in a conversation unless they talk really slowly using really simple words.  I also don’t practice this language very often since all my communication with others is in English.  Plenty of opportunities exist for practicing this language though.

The other day I went to the pharmacy to buy allergy medicine and I decided that I should try talking to the pharmacist there in German.  Although my friend who already knew German was with me at the time, I insisted on trying myself instead of relying on him to say it for me.  I already knew what to say (I had looked up how to say words like “hay fever” beforehand).  I went up to the counter and asked if they had allergy medicine and she asked if it was for my eyes, nose, throat, etc. and I just said “everything”.  Afterward she started saying some more stuff and I had no idea what she said.  I looked at my friend with a “help me!” expression and he stepped in, but other than that, everything went well.  Not so bad for my first real conversation in German considering the fact that I don’t really focus a lot of energy learning this language.

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