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Obligatory Post about German Food

Day 49

Being in a different country, it’s pretty much a necessity to try out the local cuisine. However, since I’m not rich enough to try really unique and high quality German food all the time, I’ve kind of failed in this regard. Luckily for me though, I get to try different types of German from the cafeteria at work. But then again, it’s not quite the same thing, but I’ll try my best. And since the German food I’ve been eating comes from the cafeteria, I didn’t think it seemed appropriate at the time for me to take pictures, so the pictures I won’t be from me, but from Wikipedia (the best source for all knowledge).


Pretty much everyone who lives in a western country knows what bratwurst is. In short, it’s a German-style sausage. It’s different from North American sausages in the fact that a whole lot better. I haven’t got a clue at the differences in the what parts of the cow/pig they use, but it tastes damn good. I eat bratwurst pretty much every morning.


Simply speaking, Kaiserschmarrn is pretty much a German/Austrian pancake. People in Austria eat it for dessert. When it comes to food, I rarely ask what it is made of. I just eat it, so I’m going to have to quote Wikipedia on this one to find out what it’s made of.

Kaiserschmarrn is a light, caramelized pancake made from a sweet batter with flour, eggs, sugar, salt, and milk, baked in butter.

Wikipedia said it’s a dessert, but I ate this as my main meal. Personal taste I guess.


Maultasche are a Swabian food, which is like ravioli. It’s got pasta on the outside and meat on the inside. Wiki says its got different kinds of meat, spinach, bread crumbs, and onions with flavoring from various herbs and spices. It wasn’t super delicious (but still good), and doesn’t look super delicious, but it’s worth a try just to get a taste of Swabian culture.


Also a Swabian specialty food, Spaetzle is a type of noodle. I was explicitly told by a colleague of mine not to call this pasta. Apparently Swabians like to make a distinction between Spaetzle and pasta. To go with the Spaetzle, I had lentils and sausages. It tasted okay I guess (if you’re Swabian and reading this, don’t hate me). It’s not one of my favorites, but for those who want to eat Swabian food, this is something to try.


A southern German and Austrian specialty food, semmelknoedel is made of mostly bread. That probably doesn’t make the food sound delicious, but when I ate it, i thought it was good. It’s not super fancy or anything, just something unique that people in Germany eat.

There is way more German food that I ate since I’ve been here, but unfortunately most of the time I eat the food, I have no idea what it is or that I can’t remember the name. Oh how inconvenient it is to not be able to read/speak German. As I try more and more different kinds of food, I’ll be sure to post more.

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