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Elko: The land of large food portions

For work, my company sent my coworker and me to a mining tradeshow in Elko, a small town in the northeast corner in the state of Nevada in the United States. This post isn’t about my experience at the tradeshow, but rather my experience in a small American town.

The most interesting thing I experienced here would have to be the ridiculous portions of food that is served – it really fulfills the American stereotype. For example, this is what we got at the restaurant at the Star Hotel:

Now a standard fork is probably about 7 inches in length, so using the fork as a scale in that picture, the steak is probably about 9 inches long and about 2.5 inches wide. I was expecting a steak of half the size. Not to mention it came with spaghetti, beans, fries, soup, salad, and bread on the side. I ate all of that over two meals.

Naturally, we also explored the town. The road we mostly travelled through was Idaho Street and we really saw how small the town was. When we were there, the temperature was about 30°C and not very humid, making it very unpleasant to walk outside.

According to Wikipedia, Elko had a population of 18,297 people in 2010 – that’s pretty small compared to what I’m used to. The primary industry in Elko is gold mining – hence the reason to hold a tradeshow. The tradeshow lasted two days and after that we drove to Salt Lake City to catch a plane back to Vancouver.

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  1. steven krause 2015-05-15

    awesome place the star i have eaten there twice and have never left without being stuffed ! and i mean stuffed. would like to go back there soon with my wife so she can enjoy the hospitality of the STAR. have never been disappointed ever!

    • henrypoon 2015-05-16 — Post Author

      I think being stuffed is an understatement!

  2. Jeff 2015-05-16

    While the amount of food served @ the Star is unbelievable, the real reason to eat there is the quality. It is some of the best food I’ve ever encountered.The place makes Elko a destination for that reason alone.

    • henrypoon 2015-05-16 — Post Author

      The Star is definitely a must-go in Elko!

  3. mummy 2015-05-16

    I am from Elko. The sides served at the Star are considered “for the table” it’s a family style restaurant. Same with Bil Toki

    • Jana 2015-05-17

      Bil Toki has been something else for about a year and a half. That restaurant now looks closed.

  4. AMB 2015-05-17

    The Star is a wonderful Basque restaurant. The sides, as mentioned in other comments, are meant to be shared family style. This is not a standard American meal. I consider The Star a special occasion restaurant.

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