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Seattle – Woodland Park Zoo and FOOD!

A few weekends ago, my friends and I made another weekend trip down to Seattle to visit our friend.  We arrived there at night and spent a bit of time just chilling at amy friends flat while trying to beat Pandemic on the hardest mode (god it’s hard).  The next morning, we made our way to the Woodland Park Zoo – and this zoo is way better than the zoo in Vancouver.  This zoo even managed to register the domain name “http://www.zoo.org“!  In the evening, we went to a very, very nice German pub called Feierabend, and the day after that was a day of chilling, with lunch at Crabpot.

Woodland Park Zoo

The sign at the zoo was quite welcoming!  I don’t go to the zoo very often, but it’s always nice to see penguins, leopards, cheetahs, and other exotic animals. I wanted to throw meat into the pen, but I’d get kicked out.

This peacock was quite photogenic. The moment people came, he spread out his feathers for all to see.

This elephant is coming right for us! If this was South Park, the elephant would have been blown up by a bazooka or something.

This little guy was scraping the meat off of the bone.

Here is a godless killing machine staring us down.

Too bad I didn’t have my usual camera, and I had to use my phone camera for everything.


One of the few things that is guaranteed to pique my interest is a nice German pub.  The food I like to get is always the pork hock.  Super stereotypical, yet super delicious. The place had decorations that looks really stereotypically German, but the food and the beer were all very authentic.

This place also had 1-liter beers! The taste instantly reminded me of the time I spent in Germany and if I could hold my liquor better, I would have drank way more of these, purely for its taste.

I want more of that beer now. It was a good taste of a beer from my once home away from home.


The next day was another day for food. After a brief walk through Pike Market, we went to Crabpot for some seafood. I had heard many good things about this restaurant, namely how customers get a wooden mallet to smash open crab shells. We ordered the Crabpot seafeast and so when the food came, they took the bucket of food and poured it on the table for us to go at it. They also gave us a mallet and a bib (it gets really messy).

I liked the food, but my only complaint is that there wasn’t enough of it! After the meal, we chilled for a bit longer at our friend’s flat before going back to Vancouver. It was a nice weekend getaway. Honestly I feel that I should do more of these – it somewhat satisifes my constant urge to travel. Luckily, I’ll be going to Japan soon so that’ll be fun!

More photos here

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