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Switching Microsoft Windows and Office to English

At my workplace, all the computers are in German.  I do not read German.  I get by by remembering what buttons were where in the Windows version.  Luckily, I managed to switch the language to English.

Switching the Language for Windows

To do this, go to the Control Panel and open the Regional and Language Options.  This might be hard to do when Windows is in a different language so just look for the icon that has a globe on it.  Depending on the version of Windows, switching the language may not be possible.  And also, different versions of Windows put these buttons in different places within the Language Options.  Click around the tabs, and there should be a drop down box for you to change the language.  Once that’s done, restart the computer.

Switching the Language for Office

Hopefully switching the language for Windows worked, because it would really help for this part, although it isn’t necessary.  Not every version of Office supports changing languages.  It depends on the version that was installed.  Go to the Start Menu, find Microsoft Office, and then Microsoft Office Tools.  Under there, there should be an icon for Language Settings.  The icon has a globe and an A on it under Windows 7.  Open it and change the language.

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