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From Vimy Ridge, we went back to London for another day and then we parted ways.  Edward flew back to Vancouver while I stayed in Europe for another two and a half weeks.  My next destination was Munich.  Each of our flights were very early in the morning from London Gatwick, so we just went to the airport and slept there for a night.  It wasn’t restful sleep at all.  At least I managed to sleep more on the flight there.  I met up with a friend of mine that I met while taking courses at UBC while he was an exchange student.  I stayed with him for a few days.  The last time I went to Munich, I never got the chance to visit the Deutsches Museum, which was my first destination this time.

The Deutsches Museum is one of the largest museums I’ve been to. There were so many topics on technology that the museum had. They had the usual topics on flight, ship building, engines, etc., but they had even more exhibits on classical mechanics, electromagnetism, chemistry, nuclear physics, mining, semiconductors, computers, cartography, microsystems, space exploration, printing, etc.

There was even a cool demonstration of arc lightning.

The section of space exploration was quite interesting too, but it wasn’t as big as the exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Flight.

The clean room exhibit reminded me a little bit of the type of work I did during my internship at Bosch.

Of course in any exhibit on computers, there has to be a computer from Remington Rand.

Here is the experimental apparatus that was used to discover nuclear fission.

The stuff I looked at was only scratching the surface of the museum. I pretty much skipped entire sections like time keeping, wind turbines, bridge building, among other things. I was there for four hours too and I didn’t even look at any one section in a lot of detail. To see everything, one would have to spend days here.

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